Metaverse, data, predictive modelling, digital, segmented TV, gaming, social commerce, NFT, cryptocurrencies... Everyone knows, but in reality, who really knows all these fields?
In each episode, Kicékikoné welcomes one of the Havas Group's experts to decipher the latest innovations. After that, they will no longer hold any secrets for you.

Masaki Hallé - The end of third-party cookies - Part 2

Yoann Denee - The meaningful approach to data

Leila André - How does Havas Edge support its clients?

Gaëlle Le Falher - Predictive modeling

Pierre Acuña - To the discovery of gaming and e-sport

Jérémie Kalman - Personal Portable Audience Measurement 

Masaki Hallé - The end of third-party cookies - Part 1

Stéphane Gorre - What are the specificities and missions of the Havas Startup Accelerator?

Raphaël de Andréis - What are the values promoted by Havas Villages in France and around the world?

Emmanuel Quéré - Exploring the metaverse

Jacques Séguéla - What are the Havas group's recipes for creating and generating value?